As this case study reviews, there are many factors that can cause challenges in classes.  The diversity we see in classrooms is vast and can include “ethnic, gender culture and socioeconomic” groups.  It is noted in “Ontario’s Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy (2009) that “Canadians Embrace multiculturalism, human rights and diversity as fundamental values”.   As a value it becomes part of “a person’s principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgment of what is important in life” (2).  If a teacher embraces and understands diversity and inclusiveness, they can build lesson plans that reach every student.  Understanding inclusiveness will help students to grow and develop to their full potential within the course

Inclusive Education: “Education that is based on the principles of acceptance and inclusion of all students.  Students see themselves reflected in their curriculum, their physical surroundings, and the broader environment in which all individuals are respected”. (1 intro)